Catpain Ruffles - Level 50 Technology Scrapper

Catpain Ruffles

Titan Network profile

Server: Freedom

Global: @furrycat

Primary powerset: Katana

Secondary powerset: Super Reflexes

Inf: 153767326

Template: Build

The "Catpain" was my first character in City of Heroes. I wanted a name that had something to do with my usual furrycat nick while having a superhero feel. Catpain fit the bill. As for Ruffles, that was a reference to my fondness for the /ruffle emote in Star Wars Galaxies.

I chose Katana mainly because I always liked swordplay in games but got bored with the Scrapper archetype by the time I'd hit level 18 and left him alone for a couple of months while I tried some villains.

Most of the Catpain's power choices weren't great from a game mechanics perspective. Super Speed and Fly for instance. They were powers I chose because they sounded cool rather than ones I thought would make a well-rounded character. In April 2006, however, I got him high enough to respec and threw away a bunch of "gee-whizz" powers in favour of a more practical build. Ruffles now has all of the Super Reflexes skills and most of the Katana attacks, sacrificing Speed, Flight and Stealth.

Losing the fun powers was a tough decision but the payoff was worthwhile. With his high defence, elegant moves and swashbuckling costume, the Catpain is finally a worthy successor to the Fencer I played in SWG.

See also: See Official File


Project EE9716/S8
(Enhanced Melee Combatant)

Aim of project:
Increase hand-to-hand combatants' speed, accuracy and stamina with artificial exoskeletal limbs.

Test subject:

Preliminary findings:
Subject able to sustain long periods of combat without pause.
Subject wields [Project WD8210/Y2] Katana with well above-average precision.
Subject's reflexes vastly superior to those of average hero.

Continue project.